Limni - Evia
Limni - Evia

Discover the town of Limni

The picturesque village of Limni is located on the west coast of North Evia and is an extremely popular destination for holidays and travel throughout the year. Located 33km south of Edipsos and 80km north of Chalkida, it is a beautiful part of Evia and one that all travellers should try and visit.

The natural setting of Limni and the unique shape of the village almost resembles an island in the Aegean. The traditional houses and colourful gardens make it a great place to explore. Around the village you will find lots of nice places where you can enjoy something to eat or drink right next to the sea. The local tavernas here serve a variety of food including fresh fish and seafood.

During the summer months you will find a lovely choice of beaches where you can go swimming and relax. There are lots of great spots south of the main center of the village. Just follow the coastal road and you'll discover lots of places where you can swim. To the north of the village are also some nice peaceful beaches, such as the one that you'll find opposite our boatyard.

As well as the beaches, there are lots of other interesting places that you can visit such as the Folklore Museum which has some fascinating exhibits featuring artifacts from some of the old traditional houses, as well as other items. Also worth visiting is the church of Osios Christodoulos.

There are also lots of other interesting places near to Limni that are ideal for visiting such as the stunning waterfalls of Drimonas, as well as the monasteries of Osios David and Agios Nikolaos. The entire region of North Evia is one of exception charm and beauty, and if you have your own vehicles, then you can easily explore the area at your own leisure.

Our boatyard and apartments are situated just north of the village of Limni in a very peaceful location. If you are planning a sailing trip to Evia, then our boatyard is the ideal place for you if you need any work or repairs undertaken.